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Parisian gallery

Tasting the wine

Absinthe shop in Paris

A Day in the Life of a Fire Lookout


Bird, dog

Shakespeare & Company, Paris

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Rainy day walk

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Thank you, Glimmer Train!

Stalked by buses: Truckee

Moth in the sun

Jetlagged on the waterfront in Singapore

Under the lantern

Party atop the temple

Fish head curry

Golden woodwork at the temple in Singapore's Chinatown

Dragon on the temple wall thinks I look delicious. I'm not.

Sale $49

Deepavali rain

Stalked by buses: Singapore

Outside the temple doors

Don't think about elephants

Thinking of a home across the sea

Making the dumplings by hand

Inside the world of flowers

The dinner party

This pumpkin is really happy for the SF Giants

This pumpkin has a strange sense of humor

This bird insists I have no manners. Dude, I say, you're the one that got your wings clipped.

Three rays

Walrus sounds

Sweater of the Walking City

Entering the empire of the dead

A square in Paris

By the Thames

Crabs and oysters on the sidewalk

Under the Walking City of Paris

Entering the catacombs of Paris

This fish says she can yodel even though her mouth is full of ice. A fan of yodels, I didn't stay to listen.

Greenland's icebergs from 30,000 feet

An Interview about Beasts of the Walking City

This big fish says he can swallow me whole. Dude, I say, that's probably why you're on ice.

One artful stack of bones

Stalked by buses #3: in the Marais, Paris

Behind the clock