Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last call for the free Kindle Fire contest!

Three things I’ve learned from the comments on Beasts of the Walking City so far:

  • The characters and overall plot seem to be working well for most of you overall.  (Glad to hear it!)

  • “Hey, Doug, another round of copyediting is probably not a bad idea.”  (On it!  Updated version coming in two weeks.)

  • The definition of ‘trope’: (n) a common theme or device  (Ok, I knew that one, but still cool to have a classy word show up in a review.)

  • Thanks to everyone who’s commented—all of the feedback has been great, and I really appreciate your help.  Every review does make a difference.

    If anyone else was planning on leaving a review for a chance to win a Kindle Fire (or a donation in your name to Habitat for Humanity), it’s last call!  Reviews should be into Amazon by midnight, PST, on Friday 8/31.  Reviews later are completely welcome, too, of course.  But you'll have to BYOK.

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