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By the Thames

Crabs and oysters on the sidewalk

Under the Walking City of Paris

Entering the catacombs of Paris

This fish says she can yodel even though her mouth is full of ice. A fan of yodels, I didn't stay to listen.

Greenland's icebergs from 30,000 feet

An Interview about Beasts of the Walking City

This big fish says he can swallow me whole. Dude, I say, that's probably why you're on ice.

One artful stack of bones

Stalked by buses #3: in the Marais, Paris

Behind the clock

Happy under the ground

Fruits et Legumes

Walking to work in Paris

London Bridge

At the Tower of London

Walking to work along the Thames this morning

I really appreciate a pub that has a special high-tide entrance

Golden Gate bridge from the air, while on the way to London

From the air, I swore the green spots looked like UFO landing areas

It's a big weekend for Beasts of the Walking City

Priest Parking

Where the birds were, in Bodega

Beasts of the Walking City: Who won the Kindle?