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Beasts of the Walking City: Who won the Kindle?

I'm a little delinquent in getting this post up, but congratulations to 'HD-28', the randomly selected winner of a new Kindle Fire!

HD, since I don't know who you are, please drop me a note via my email address on the blog and let me know your contact info so I can get that out to you.  Let me know, too, if you'd prefer to have me turn this into a donation to Habitat for Humanity.

Again, many thanks to everyone who downloaded Beasts, read it, and went on to leave a review.  Your help is really appreciated.  If you're still finishing up the book, reviews are still very welcome.

I'm in the process of pulling together all of the details from the first month of the book:  sales details, what and where I did promotions, etc.  I should have this info up in a week or so.  Overall, sales have slowed from the momentum earlier in the month while I'm price-testing,  but I've got a number of things set up for this weekend that'll be interesting to watch.

By the way, there's a new edition of Beasts up on Amazon now.  Several readers commented on some remaining typos, tense issues, etc:  this second electronic edition has been fully re-edited to catch all of those.  If you downloaded one of the earlier editions, and would like to replace it with the new one, just drop me an email via the address here on my blog and I'll send you an updated file.  Many thanks to Amanda Johnson, a great (and fast!) editor who helped clean this up.  Need Amanda's contact info?  Drop me a note for that, too.


  1. Thanks for the plug Doug; I greatly appreciate it! Can't wait to see how high Beasts will fly.


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