Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Hey! You guys didn't tell me there was a SNAKE in this shell!" #funwithpaintings

"I thought it was YOUR turn to clip the toenails." #funwithpaintings

"If Baby really wants the apple, Baby's got to bring mommy her wine." #funwithpaintings

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from the water

An early Michelangelo, back from when he was just Mike. #funwithpaintings

"That's not a selfie-stick he's holding, is it." #funwithpaintings

"Plague, schmaaage--I'm good so long as I got me this shield to lean on." #funwithpaintings

"La toilette? That way." #funwithpaintings

"Son of God he may be, but it's someone else's turn to change a diaper." #funwithpaintings

Boy with Hat, #4

In the passing lane

Fireball in the morning