Friday, August 14, 2015

"The Night Witches" is up at New World Writing

Good news! The magazine New World Writing (the former Mississippi Review online) has picked up my story "The Night Witches," and it's available online starting today.  Many thanks to summer editor James Whorton for selecting the story.

"The Night Witches" is a story set right here, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and it's part of my upcoming collection 'Bigfoots in Paradise,' which'll be coming out from Red Hen Press in the not-too-distant future.

"It’s a moment of summer in Santa Cruz as drawn by Miyazaki: creatures of many colors leap and strut and caper in the street. Pyrotechnic children and dogs with wings grin from alleyways. Cosplay cyborgs loom in doorways. Shops are filled with clockwork angels and satyrs on stilts. Demons with mechanical jaws and painted breasts laugh and hoist lattes. A Victorian house rolls by. A snail-car shoots fire from metal horns."

If you're really curious, New World has published two other pieces of mine in the past:  Jersey Devils (a version of which will also be in this next collection), and Escape, which was the opening story from my first story collection 'A Patrimony of Fishes' (published way back in prehistoric times).

Note to self: don't title a book 'A Patrimony of Fishes.'  Nobody ever has any idea what you're saying at parties.

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