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Nap time.


Chickapig in the rain.

Roof zucchini with rough-cut mint, lime, and crispy chorizo.

Approaching the bridge

Magpie, at rest

Driving lesson buddy.

Calling forth the fireflies

Sunset over the Delaware Bay.

Goodbye, NYC!

Airport food.

Low tide.


Tiny island at dusk.

Island on the edge of night

Good advice.


After the storm moved on

Approaching by night ferry

A quick circumnavigation


Wrong turn.

Buick at the corner garage, by night.

Paint & Varnish, and sons.

Tower toss

Dutch party planet

(Almost) on deck.

Roses and wheels, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, canal-side.

Amsterdam Houseboats, No 2

Amsterdam Houseboat No. 1

At the counter of the Moon

Rothko, at the Wyndham

Sailing the Thames

Louise is ready to run

Jetlag makes everything look a little fuzzy.

Street at Covent Garden

King Street, after the thunder.

Shrimp & scallops over mixed greens, with bacon, tomato, and a ginger-carrot dressing. I like this diet.

#Florida morning put the window.

Watching the storm

Looking back at #RVA from the tip of Belle Isle.

Flower machine.

Blue bird dreams.

Bird in the window

#RVA #mural


Bird was here.

Oscars flow-chart