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And, of course, the chickens!

Garden beds

Some pictures of the raised garden beds, at Giselle's request.

View from our driveway

OK, more pictures! These are the views from our actual driveway.
Lastly, for tonight, some pictures of the ocean. I drove Route 1 all the way up to Half Moon Bay, where I hung out with this horse for a bit, before jumping onto Route 92 back over the mountains, and then taking the freeway back to Los Gatos where I had an awesome sandwich at a French Bakery there downtown.
Some other mixed pics here. The Gate of the House On Bear Mountain (sorry for the caps, but it was hard to resist), a crazy store that was somewhere near Felton, and some deep forest pics.

Mountain Driving

So today I went driving all through the mountains, winding my way up on Black Road through deep redwood forests up to crests near the Bear Mountain House, and then plunged down the other side. The views at places was simply staggering, with a flat sea of clouds lapping up against the mountains, and the roads were crazy and winding. I'd pass in and out of clouds and fog, back into sunlight, and then down deep into the middle of a tall, ancient forest. I worked my way through Boulder Creek, Felton, Ben Lommond, and Bonny Doon, and then sped up the coast along Route 1 to Half Moon Bay. The next few posts will be pictures from the drive. The first few shots here are from the ridge near our new rental house. The town shot is of Felton, some distance deep into the woods. Use Google Maps to get a sense of the layout of all of these.

Skyler's New School

Some pictures here of Lakeside Elementary School, the school for mountain kids in Los Gatos.

Even more Bear Mountain House pictures...

More Bear Mountain house pictures

Some pictures of our new house!

After much driving around, I think we've found a place to rent for a year in CA, in the mountains just outside of Los Gatos. It's got 6 acres, a view of the Monterey Bay on a clear day, and, yes: chickens! More pictures to come soon. Sorry, no chicken pics yet.