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Fish at Phils

Roaring Camp Christmas Train #2

Christmas Train

Ancient Computer

OK, this isn't very Mountain-related, but I do find things like this fascinating. The book I'm working on has people racing to discover secrets from the past--so it's really exciting to see this taking place in reality.

Mike Neff and Robert Sward

Mountain Tree

Robert Sward

Surfers at Capitola

Kathy and Doran

Henry Cowel

Tree in Los Gatos

Lunch at Phil's

Santa Cruz Mountain Art

My wife's having a holiday studio sale, with some really nice inexpensive pieces for the holidays. See her site at:

Great moss

Bourbon bourbon bourbon, take two

Bourbon bourbon bourbon chocolate pecan pie

Happy Thanksgiving

Big Sur driving

Motorcycle in Big Sur

Working on book, with Godzilla

David and Wayne

Dog breath

Parade at Loma


No gravity, take two


Outside our hotel: not a good sign

In the tree

Sleepy old dog

More San Gregorio beach

Buddha in my room at the San Francisco W hotel

Beach at San Gregorio

Great glowing dome

Thinking of quince

Dog in her mud pit

Fog in the canyon after last night's rain

Lawn darts (in catalog)

Blocks and monkey


Pink Godzilla Sushi at night

Chicken and bottle


Bowl, rising

Old stove in the morning

Short pants

Morning shoes

Morning, in beanbag

Mountain Driving

My little guy had the iPhone this afternoon on the way down the hill to Capitola, documenting what mountain driving was like from the back seat. I found some of the pictures strangely beautiful, and thought I'd post them.