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Mountain Mud

My wife was out this morning. So naturally, the kids and I stripped down, ran out to the garden, dug a hole, and played mud pit.

Casa de Los Gatos

Dark tonight here in the mountains. Bats wing their way past the windows, eating the moths drawn to the lights of our windows. Deer have been in the garden most of today. It's a high-fenced garden, with a play structure for the kids, but the gate was left open--our landlord has been showing the place to other potential renters, since we've decided to stay here in the mountains and have bought a place a few miles down the San Andreas faultline, as the raven flies. The deer get in there and help themselves, and look startled when we come out onto the deck and they have to walk our way to let themselves out. They have a careful, high-stepping gait. And they watch us with each step to see what we'll do as they come closer, closer, until they're out and then they're up the path they've cut behind the fence that takes them up the ridge and gone. For awhile, anyway. The gate's not open often and they're making the most of their time there, even though th