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Consequences of Parental Geekdom

Yes, she'll regret this picture when she's older. But I won't.


So, we inherited some plum trees with the house, and two of them have started to ripen. One of them popped out all over with these tiny, tiny plums we thought at first were cherries. The other squeezed out three large plums, only they were the best, sweetest plumbs on the planet. Of course, we ate them promptly. Here's a picture from the brief interval of forgotten time in which they were in the bowl.

Ridge driving

Shorter vacation than planned this week--had to zip into work and talk to some great, smart candidates for a job I've got open. But, the kids let me throw them into the truck and climb a mountain anyway. We worked our way up Loma Prieta , which was the epicenter of the major quake that leveled homes throughout the mountains here, and a lot else, in '89, and then headed south along the ridgeline, close to and actually into where a lot of the Summit fire burned just a few short weeks ago. It's an incredibly beautiful ridge, staring down across the San Andreas fault to the whole of Monterey Bay, from Santa Cruz on down to Monterey. It's remote and wild and breathtaking, as though you're standing on the edge of the world and staring off to where all of the sea pours off. It quickly turned into one of my favorite places on the planet, and the kids seemed to get caught up in it too. (Even when I hiked them up a fire road for the view.) The kids were fascinated to see