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Incan jaguar speaking

Incan fire god


Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

The studio this morning

The Walking CIty


Giselle in the bowler

Dreaming of the Pokemon path

Dog acrobatics

Time to wash the studio window

Proud Hen Walking

Summit road spirit

Shortcut is a shortcut again

Sees the ball

Behold, the yolk

Farewell, octopus

Singing to the crab

Natural Bridges

Radio dreams of the west

Sniffer, inverted

Note found in free couch

Noon on Hutchinson

Birds vs squid: birds win

At Buca


Rowing by Moonlight

An elegant video of rowing by moonlight, from Barry on the east coast.

Tunnel View Panorama

Dreaming big

By the giant

Giselle at work

Painting Research

Perhaps my next truck

Red boats at the Santa Cruz pier (with fog)

Dog day weekend

Cape May Morning

A quick dose of the East Coast from friend Barry Long, c/o . (If you're viewing this on the website, you might need to click the image to open the video.)

Hole in the ship at sea

Fall fire

Fly car

An older picture, left over from the Maker Faire this year.

All in a row

Matcha green tea, with jeep


Queue of the Damned

Three grins

Carving with Pack 509

Pumpkins at the Peppertree school

Demon dog

She's actually the good one, but not in this image. Maybe it was too much curry from the PF Changs leftover box.

Enter, the nose

Five, and a cake

Spider in the vines

Into the second fermenter

Three in a row

Santa Cruz pickup