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Two of fifteen mowers

In the trailer with the goats

At the fabric shop

Streets of Someone Else's Dream

The many-armed Buddha

The streets of Sham Shui Po

Old dragon

Riding the Hong Kong tram by night

Stanley, Hong Kong. I could live here...

Eating the thousand year old egg

A bucketful of albino frogs from the Street of Birds

Guard duty

Away from the city, HK

Somehow I don't thing he's smiling

Fog in the hills, Hong Kong

Hong Kong cityscape at night

Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

Hong Kong street food

Hong Kong, from the water

Smile of the dragon

Blue rider

We, the Tiny House People documentary

Came across this this week while travelling: a great film if you've got some time.

Beaming up the locals

Chewing on rock

Prayers of the father, prayers of the sons

Girl under the arch

3 and 7

Fanning the flames

Guarding the temple

At the temple in Batam

A break from the fire

Indonesian go-carts

Drummer in the temple

Jangan cemas

Waterfront view

Guarding the gates of heaven

Tickets to Batam

Malaysian Bridge from the air

Caught sight of these islands...

Clouds over Hong Kong (at sunrise)

The tunnel's other end

Waterfalls at the ghost town

Red boots heading in

Inside the train tunnel

(Thanks to Kate Gale for the photo...)

Weekend drive