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This fat chicken won't even meet my eye. What did I do? You know, she says. You always know.

This bird says I should dress better. I'm thinking that if food came out of MY butt, I'd be worried about other things.

I said stay out of the mud, and they said no problem, it was clean mud and anyway there is a gift shop.

This bird says I have bad breath, and I say look who's talking, buddy. Look who's talking.

Fuzzy-footed chicken says she's reading my mind, but I'm not thinking anything.

Chicken thinks my eye is a meatball. It's not.

She claimed it was just the wind in her hair, but I could tell she was upset.

And then she gave me that look, the one that freezes me in my tracks

New chicken in my face

A place to call home

A second a day from two months in Asia

Found on Lloyd Kahn's blog --one of my favorite places.

Waiting for water

Climbing the train

At dinner

In the grasses by the river

The Leaning Tower of Bouctouche

The light from shore

Climbing Titanic's steps

Abandon ship

Luna moth in my hand

Aground at low tide

Canyons of mud

At the back of the train

Low tide at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

At the cabin


Morning on Turner's Creek

Video from friend Barry. I'm convinced I want to be him when I grow up. I've reposted some of his stuff before, but you can see even more of his work at .

Merced River expedition