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A Kindle Fire for your thoughts, a free ebook, and free money for charity, too.

Hi, everyone--I'm writing this to see if you'll join me in an experiment with my upcoming book, Beasts of the Walking City . has been drawing a lot of attention to their self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing. Using it, a writer can self-publish their own material quickly onto Amazon's website, making it available to readers around the globe. Amazon has been running front-page endorsements from writers who have reportedly made this work exceptionally well, and who laud Amazon's ability to help them bypass agents and editors, to go direct to readers, and to make a lot of money on their books. Is it for real? Or are these flukes? Can an average writer really make money this way? I'm going to put it to the test, and if you're up for it, I'd love your help to find the answer. I'll donate the results to charity, and will publish the outcome on this blog for other writers to see in case they're thinking of doing the s

This chicken says if you hold in your farts, your hair all stands on end. Really, I say. That's good to know.

This chicken says she's in love with me. You don't even know me, I say. Perhaps that's for the best, she agrees.

I tell this chicken she needs to cut down on the coffee. I can q-q-quit anytime, she says.

Stalked by Buses: #2, On the Street

Stalked by Buses: #1, In the Parking Garage

Sunset in Seabright

This bird says she can see my future. Not good, she says. Not good at all.

These birds say they should be in my book. Why, I ask? Because we're Beasts who are Walking Pretty. Cute, I say. Real freakin cute.

This bird says she wants to be in a film by Morgan Spurlock so she can show her karate moves. Spurlock eats chicken, I say. Not the ones that know karate, says she.

The new book cover for Beasts of the Walking City, coming out in August on Amazon...

This chicken swears she's John Malkovich on the inside. It gives me the creeps, because she has his eyes.

This chicken rocks out to Owl City, since we explained: they're not real owls.

These two are really excited about my next book. Great, I say, and only later do I remember: they also loved Danielle Steele.