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Meghna's hands

Little cabin in the woods

They're way north of here, volcano country, up past Chico and into the high hills where places have names like Brokeoff Mountain and Bumpass Hell.  You follow the Feather River north out of Chester, up into the National Forest there, until you find them .  A series of small, rustic cabins, tucked right up against the river, among the trees. This one was built, I'm told, in the 1930s, a long time before my aunt decided to buy and gently make it livable.  There was a national program that ran largely out west, then, intended to give regular, normal people, a chance to spend some time up in the woods, getting in touch with nature.  The program is still running, though it was the first I'd heard of it.  You rent the land with a long term lease from the Forest Service, and you build on it--and many people did.  Now, if you're lucky, you can buy one of these places inexpensively, fix it up if it needs it, and settle down for the summer.  My aunt goes up every year no

Off Highway 1, near Big Sur, these out-of-staters had the right approach to this place we call California