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Showing posts from September, 2013

The desk I share with the mice, down in the shed

Garage by night

No roosters in the house, I say. Let's compromise, he says. I'll just sit here in your spot on the couch.

For a time, everything was quiet. But then Shub-Niggurath rose up and swallowed us all...

Stuck in the culvert, there was nothing to do but wait for rescue.

Surfing Lilliputian braves the rocks near Big Sur

After the tequila, Papi would go to his special place--and we all knew better than to wake him.

The rest of us slept on, but George just couldn't get her out of his head.

Boat day

When Herman started telling the old war stories again, we all knew there was no stopping him.

Everything was going fine, until someone stepped on Elliot's sore toe.

Walking the Alameda pier

None of us were surprised when, after a good night at the pub, Jack and Harry burst into song.

The road up Brokeoff Mountain

Hiking the volcano, at 5000 feet

Sliver of moon settles down at sunset, and I'm thinking where did I leave my hat

Robot on road trip

Hurley and the Mystery Machine