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Glimmer Train Unboxing

I've been fortunate to work with  Glimmer Train  twice now, two stories separated by many years of time, and I'm happy to say the current issue has the second piece of mine in it.  (My last story came out in Issue 21--I'll let you do the math on that one.  Another Winter issue, funny enough.)  While the acceptance is always great, and working with Susan & Linda on the contract, on edits and Last Page details (if you haven't seen GT, you get your own page in the back where you can kind of do what you want) has always been awesome, there's nothing quite like getting the issue in the mail. (And how often do you get to see a quote from your story on a bookmark?  Glimmer Train has one in every issue.) This one arrived this week, and here's what it looks like.   I can't say enough good things about Susan, Linda, and the beautiful magazine they've put out so consistently, over such a long period of time.   You can, of course, get your own copy, ei

Early morning meeting

Burning the wicker stool

Peppers in the San Franciso street