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Low tide


Houseboat dragons steal my soul

Rock the Boat 5000 FT.

Dreaming of houseboats

Sausalito houseboat at sundown

Surprise Christmas chicks, rescued from under the aloe


Facing off

The other driver wanted to play chicken, but we so had him beat.

Shed cricket thinks I look delicious. I'm not.

The good dog, on watch

Lucy, the #rescuechicken

The old barn on the hill

At the snack shack

Getting dark up here in the hills

A #Jeep for the season

Gone broody

By the lemon tree

Sorry, my friend: only one of us is walking away from this table and I think it's gonna be me

Powering up

Four-wheeling chicken is ready to roll

Editing on a Sunday

Who called this meeting, anyway?

Somewhere in Uganda there's a chicken named Doug

Faces at the bottom of the bowl of miso soup

Studio dog wants a treat


Office visitor

First fire

Sunday hive check

On patrol

Red light district

Watching for the squid boats

Taco night

Sunday Drive

Climbing the charts today

Free this weekend: Beasts of the Walking City

Free this weekend--possibly for the last time!  Grab the updated version of Beasts of the Walking City for Kindle. If you leave a review and drop me a note, and I'll send you a chapter from the sequel.  No timing on when the next book will be done yet, but why wait?

Sweet Peas in Quonset Hut

Sparging in Soquel

Working the night shift

Hella Organic Bruh

Dog in Autumn

Submersible Parking Only

Inside the submarine

Sunrise over Loma Prieta

New Edition of Beasts of the Walking City available

Beasts of the Walking City is newly edited, and available on Amazon for just $1. Leave a review of the new version and drop me a note, and I'll send you a sample chapter from the sequel!

Jeep Sunday

Luna at sunset