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"Best buds," I suggest? "BAD BREATH," says she.

Night surfing at the Capitola pier

The workshop, by night

"In ancient times, the walrus was hailed as a symbol of both wealth and fertility."

Here in California, the road to happiness can get a bit convoluted

One great jump...

Waiting for sundown

Epic treehouse sketch

Shadow beasts on the beach at sunset

Under pressure

Night watch aboard the USS Hornet

A cool old Chevy in Alameda


Truck on the waterfront

Plotting a course

Bad dream in fire country

"Best buds?" I suggest. "LUNCH," says she.

Capitola boats by night

Bookshelf in the bedroom

The best old truck on the mountain, says Jeff. I think he's right.

Hummingbird in my hand

Sand in shoe

At the Marin County line

Zombie on the Capitola Pier