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"Around the corner comes a talking cat."

Bad feather day

#Rescuedog has got it rough today

Blooming where the chickens can't reach

It's BBQ time

Circles and arches and squares

Up under the dome

A longhorn in Austin

Lizard Mary of Bunratty Castle

Walking the Burren


Through the window I saw my inevitable downfall.

Grumpy queen says no cake for you.

(from the  Caisle├ín Bhun Raithe . )

As kids, we'd always wondered what lay beyond the wall, and why no adult would ever speak of it.


A poet at the wall

A green day on the grounds of St. Pat's

Hens on holiday want umbrella drinks. "I am not your pool boy," I say. "Besides, we're out of daiquiris."

Bikes at Trinity College, Dublin

Face in the crypt beneath Christ Church, Dublin

Blacksmith's wall at Bunratty Castle

The castle by the river

Bishop enjoys it that I never get his hipster jokes.

An excellent retirement plan.

A bad day in the Islay.

Irish fixer-upper