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The Ministress of Healing

The Railway Man at the Del Mar

A view from on high, in Santa Cruz

Truck on Chestnut Street


Boy on a hike

After the hauling is done

Ghost dog's keeping his eye on me. "You're not dead yet," he says. "But I can wait."

Down-canyon rose

Flowers in the trees down Fern Ridge Road

Swears she absolutely did not eat the open Easter eggs found out in the lawn. No way. Not her. Must have been the crows. Or the squirrels: you know how they are.

Blossoms in the apple tree

Great to have company while working at home. Plus, she dictates the funniest emails...

Old truck in Aptos

The old climbing tree

After I was "It"

Running at sunset

Telling secrets where no one else can hear


Making the noodles

Up inside the Joshua Tree

The Drowned Lands

A filmmaker at Zabriske

"At last, he thought, the childhood spent on the Atari had paid off. The Invaders had no idea who they were dealing with."

Phone at Furnace Creek: 760-786-9918

Road to Mordor

Devil's Golf Course, in #deathvalley

Watching the light go

Zabriske by sundown

Angle of repose

Catching the air

The wide-open road

Hoisting up the wires

Horns on the wall

Fog walks up through the orchard