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Showing posts from May, 2014

Date Night

Flower cart in Santa Cruz

Long weekend's omelet

"But that chicken right over there? Now that chicken is just BEAUTIFUL!"

A lot of traffic on the commute to the office today

Tried bribing the guard chicken to let me in, but she just stared me down.

Dapper frog tips his hat

Chicken on the counter

Beach day

More than a store...

Tree in the wind

Laying on the cobblestones, but looking at the stars

Baum Iron, in the sun

The Fiddler at Pippa Siersema's

Outside the Hair Market

Omaha Chicken

Duck, duck, moose.

I just mailed something back to 1946.

Rocket parts in the alley, Omaha

On the way to dinner

Morning, downtown Omaha

Side of the old barn

The Hidden Path

Alan, on the edge