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BPQ's 20th Anniversary

The Blue Penny Quarterly , the literary magazine I edit and publish, has just released its 20th Anniversary issue .  20 years!  Clearly a sign of some sort of strange and unhealthy compulsion on my part.  (Not to mention I don't feel old enough to have been at something for twenty years.) (OK, but seriously:  BPQ has been publishing significant literary work since 1994, and was one of the very early literary magazines online in the very early days of the Internet.   We've published the work of Best American Short Story Award winners, plus Guggenheim grant and Pushcart prize recipients, alongside new writers, and writers have gone on to find agents and publish books as a result of their inclusion in BPQ.) I personally read hundreds of pieces each year (a key reason why our response times are so slow) to get (about) five (or so), which we try and publish in as beautiful a way as possible.  The beauty part comes from Barry Long, who publishes a blog here , and phenomenally

ABC Van in the sun

Dodging clouds, east of Molokai

Grotto on the road to Hana


You. Shall not. Pass!

Off the coast of Lahaina

Radio Free Maui

Temple in Lahaina

One great papaya

Someone's Maui dream

Banana bread at the end of the world

Sailing lesson

Under the Banyan Tree

Ford pickup at Bass Lake

A view from the edge

Playing in the old train tunnel

Yoyo on Shulties Road