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"And so, on a day like any other, with the hummingbirds falling from the skies and the smoke from the fires raining down ashes on to the rusted-out cars, the training for the circus began."

I couldn't decide which I loved more--her beautiful eyes or that luxurious #hipster goatee.

A quiet oscillation under the wharf

Wharf rat's old volvo

Parked in Chester

Morning on the Feather River

Inside the cabin, waiting out the hailstorm

Ghost child

Hey, People! Leave those cats alone!


Enda Da Road Gang


Near Bear Creek Road as the fog is moving through

Googley-eyed avocado guilts me on taco night

These three birds have a joke to tell, but they just can't remember how it starts.

In the Santa Cruz sun maybe a bit too long

"From where we stood they could see it: the edge of the Earth, the entrance to the Air, filled with beings of cloud and mercurial temperaments and treasures of thunder and smoke..."

Independence Day, mountain style

In the back seat

The audience for the last reading was remarkably serene

Grilling green