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Old rose

Three cheers for friends with old #whiskey !

A #chevy in paradise

Weather be damned, whenever Hazel got that expression we knew what we were in for: no more hard scraping for roughy or tuna, no more spotlighting for squid or digging up clams. Break out the whiskey, boys and girls, and strap yourself to the mast: this was going to be a ride to remember.

Despite the strength of our armies, we could not breech Batman's Gate

Just out with the guys...

Good advice.

Boy in Heaven

We all agreed he was a brilliant painter, but still we wished he'd stop parking the hovercraft in the roses.

At least the peanut butter's organic.

This is the house of Lucky.

Smart chicken



Sometimes you just know you've landed in the right neighborhood.

First blossom

Petalumanian flying felines

One anxious pig

Whenever Harry got that expression on his face, we always knew something was about to go terribly wrong...

Sonoma sidewalk coy

It had been a long time, but I was happy to see that Arnold had not succumbed to the recent male facial craze.


Morning moon

Chewbacca's crazy chicken feet

Up on the rack

Morning dropoff

On the way to their new digs... #roosterbus

Out on Jenny's deck