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Showing posts from May, 2015

Either Santa's got a summer job or the drones are getting bigger...

People with perfectionist tendencies should not try to frost a cake.

Cart at the vineyard

Two Dippers. #fanime

Not a guy you want to mess with. #fanime

This guy got the best donut. #fanime

Nurse Joy is here to help all the tired-out creatures #fanime

Cosplay cat eyes are hard to beat. #fanime

These Gems watched me suspiciously, but fortunately I was in disguise. #fanime

This guy tried to get me into a little blue box, but he's not really my type. #fanime

All around the table, but no one wants to eat

No junk mail in these boxes...

Mountain bug

Flowers at the tomb of St. Thomas.

Crossing the road at midnight

Half in, half out

Ready to ride

In the stands at cricket

On the road


Detergent warrior says I need a bath, whether I want it or not

The long ride home

Ice cream at the end of the day

Tuk-tuk in the sun

Out the window in Chennai

#Beekeeping or alien autopsy? You decide.