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"Guess they weren't virgins after all." #funwithpaintings

"Don't you $¥€%# mess with my donkey!" #funwithpaintings

"Poke him again! Let's see what he says this time!" #funwithpaintings

"Wait--has anyone seen my watch?" #funwithpaintings

"Does this make my neck look too tall? I think it makes my neck look too tall." #funwithpaintings

"Next time, lemonade for sure." #funwithpaintings

"It's cause my papa was a toad, sweetie." #funwithpaintings

"Sigh. Yeah, the Mona Lisa's that way." #funwithpaintings

"Why, thank you. I comb them myself, you know." #funwithpaintings


"73 likes! I am a Facebook God!" said Captain Hook. #funwithpaintings

They couldn't decide which was worse: learning that smoking really could kill, or the realization that they were now ruling a land created by George R. R. Martin. #funwithpaintings

"No, we're still not there yet." #funwithpaintings

"Thanks, honey. Soup night tonight!" #funwithpaintings

"But honey, I don't WANT to sleep in the armoire again." #funwithpaintings

"Mon dieu, it will not do! The crib covers must match! Must match, I tell you! #funwithpaintings

"No, wait! THIS one! THIS one is the murderer!" #funwithpaintings

"It's new. I call it 'toasty yoga.'" #funwithpaintings

"Please don't wake the baby. Oh, please don't wake the baby." #funwithpaintings

"I can FLY! I can FL...oh." #funwithpaintings

"That pasta was clearly not gluten-free." #funwithpaintings

Off the tourist path, in #Venice.

Studying French on the night train to Paris

"You can pet my lizard. I mean, if you want to." #funwithpaintings

"Hey! You guys didn't tell me there was a SNAKE in this shell!" #funwithpaintings

"I thought it was YOUR turn to clip the toenails." #funwithpaintings

"If Baby really wants the apple, Baby's got to bring mommy her wine." #funwithpaintings

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute from the water

An early Michelangelo, back from when he was just Mike. #funwithpaintings

"That's not a selfie-stick he's holding, is it." #funwithpaintings

"Plague, schmaaage--I'm good so long as I got me this shield to lean on." #funwithpaintings

"La toilette? That way." #funwithpaintings

"Son of God he may be, but it's someone else's turn to change a diaper." #funwithpaintings

Boy with Hat, #4

In the passing lane

Boy with Hat, #3 (in the rain)

Boy With Hat, #2

Il Redentore, across the water.

Up the canal

Behind bars

Tardis in #Venice

Gondola at rest. #venice

Boy in hat, #1

Back streets of #Venice

Rio de San Vio Bridge

Nap on the vaporetto

Arrival by boat

Energetic house cleaning today

After her nap, we're starting the driving lessons.

Young artichokes: we just let them flower and they come back every year.