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In the morning at writers' camp.

More sunset

Up on the mountain, the sun goes down.

A green London taxi

"Words with Friends just isn't the same anymore." #funwithpaintings

Stairs in Paris

Bruges bike.

London hipster beards get better every year. #funwithpaintings

Mrs. Tesla, in the lab. #funwithpaintings

Snake on the walkway.

"And with just one more bite of the magic 'uranium,' you will never need a candle again!" #funwithpaintings

"I don't care what Papa says. I will farm ostriches! I simply must!" #funwithpaintings

Night comes to St. Giles, in Edinburgh.

In Bruges #bookshelvesofairbnb

"Bah--the stuff in Amsterdam was better." #funwithpaintings

"Sorry, I kinda lost my head." #funwithpaintings

"Come to the dark side! We have sticks!" #funwithpaintings

"But Rick Steves said it was around here somewhere..." #funwithpaintings

"Well, it's either a bird, a plane, or the moons of Jupiter." #galileo #funwithpaintings

One windmill against the world

"Silly me--I only have four aces. Is four aces any good?" #funwithpaintings

While his breed never really caught on, the birds in Paco's neighborhood were never quite the same. #funwithpaintings

Vespa at 9

Shrine on the corner

Little Bruge Deux

Bless the waffles, for they are awesome.

Windmill at dawn

"Hey, bro: howbout we skip this whole crusade thing, and just go pound us some brewskis?" #funwithpaintings

Canalside in Bruges

Take-out, circa 1430. #funwithpaintings

Serious beard envy. #funwithpaintings

"A little tequila in there will cure you right up." #funwithpaintings

"Oh blurry baby, I'm so glad you're mine." #funwithpaintings

"I call him mini mini-me." #funwithpaintings

"From the elegant bouquet, and a certain flaky texture, I believe it to be FARMED tilapia. Would you agree?" #funwithpaintings


"That's Sister Claudine. She's just big-boned." #funwithpaintings

"Oh, and, um: Thou shall not fart in your sister's general direction. Did I mention that one? That's a big one, too." #funwithpaintings

"What do you mean you're out of baguettes?" #funwithpaintings

Tiny gargoyles in the sun

Down in the catacombs

"You're right--it sounds MUCH better when you use that poet voice." #funwithpaintings

"Oh, all right; perhaps just a little nibble." #funwithpaintings

It was many years before we realized the truth: that under those elegantly bejeweled horns the Scarlatti sisters always wore to every royal function were real actual horns. #funwithpaintings

"Hey, baby. You come here often?" #funwithpaintings

"It hurt at first. But I think I'm getting used to it." #funwithpaintings

"I can't believe I tweeted that."#funwithpaintings