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Showing posts from September, 2015

After the dentist...

An owl on the sill

Sundown, out back.

I'm not worried: Dragon's got my back. #chickensofinstagram

Mean old bird is watching my every move

Up above the Diablos


Woodpeckers at dusk

Up on Jenny and Winston's ridge


Company in the office

Dog days dreaming

One blue chair

Real Food


Moss Landing Tiki

The black birds from the dark tower

The Fan

Three old stills

Band on Summit Woods

Saint Patrick and Saint Brigid in Kilkenny

Broke yolks

On the counter in the morning

This chick thinks you look delicious

Boy on the beach


Sunflower in the evening

Black Abbey window in Kilkenny

Three big stills

Monastery wall

Sometimes you do see sun in Ireland. Briefly. From a distance.

Came across this in the Ireland mountains, parked facing the exact direction of Santa Cruz--as though it was praying to Mecca. #vanlife #surfireland

Ancient abbey out the window