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Showing posts from December, 2015

Piano keys, on the wall

In the piano store

Fifer, at rest

Extra chicken.

Proud mama.

Christmas chick. #chickensofinstagram #chicken

Christmas morning mist

Christmas moon

Ginkgo branches in the rain

"Me? Oh, nothing. Just hangin' down by the big giant head."


When I'm having a bad day, I write this on the mirror too.


Dumplings at dusk

Mountain lion in my tree...

Inside the teenager's secret lair

Up under the tree

It just isn't Christmas until the wreath is on the #jeep. #jeeplife

Lights by night

Beware of the frisbee-eating tree

Boys at the office day


Over the ridge, the girls discovered there long, bright #vineyards, sandwiched between the rough scrub and the distant hills, shining squares of red and yellow and green like the patterns of the old rug papa had kept in the barn.

Where the headlight goes. #jeep #jeeplife

Waiting for the water tank to fill

Office lizard is keeping his eye on me...

Bedtime for Fluffball. #chicken #chickensofinstagram