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Garden in the rain

After 15+ years, it's time for an update.


Someone's at the door...

Wishing all of our east coast friends some good, hot soup.

In color

Thai tea for 3+3. #santacruz #instagram #california


Making tracks

The Puddle Jumper

White jeep in the fog. #jeepwrangler #itsajeepthing #jeeps

"The fog lay all around us that week. The shrouds flapped listlessly, the seas were anxious, full of unseen enemy eyes, and we crew grew pensive and dire until finally the captain bade us to break out the fiddles and the rum. And then we held us a merry dance there on the fo'c's'le, one to scare all the demons of war away."

Fennel on the green

Do NOT taunt the Lily. #rescuedog

Story draft from the next collection, in progress...


Split pea soup and wine by candle

Bad bridge, good balance.

Jeffrey holds on tight.

Sundown over the old oak

Little dragon

Jeffrey on the wall


Open palm

Life in the balance