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Debra's Recycled House

Old friends!

Toe lizard

Seafood night!

Watching the sun go down

About to boil

When you train them to sit in the pot in the first place, it makes certain aspects of dinner preparation so much easier... ;)

Rough day at the office

On watch at the secret grove

Black dog in heaven

Watching the sun roll across the bog in Dunlewey

At rest.

Lobster traps, Magheroarty Beach

Lambay Island, from the air

On the way to Glenveagh

Christmas doors of Glenveagh

Bog fog

The road to Errigal

Down to the water

The best Irish whiskey I tried this trip!

What's better: I got to try it and you can't, yet, until more ships next month from this brand new distillery in-the-making. Trust me, as soon as you can try some, you should. Thanks Margaret and James for the kind help with the book research and for the impromptu tasting, too!  Can't wait until we can get this in the US.

Thatch-roofed cottages on Cruit Island.


Run aground

Ready for the water. #discoverireland #ireland

Bah! I say. #ireland #loves_ireland #discoverireland

Looking down on Dunlewey

A late, bright sun over Donegal Bay

Shellfish from Howth

Below the Bloom

Howth ships at rest.

Howth seafood chowder

River Liffey by night. #dublin

Sundown over the bay

The freshly-primed coop. #chicken #chickensofinstagram


Santa Cruz Mountain Plum Sour Ale from our own trees. A great batch! #beer #homebrew #sourale

Because samosas.