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What do you leave out in YOUR kitchen?

Goats' Hair Cave.

Historic Jews Gate cemetery, Rock of Gibraltar.

Here, in one of the Goats' Hair Caves on the Med side of the Rock of Gibraltar, in 1969, the body of a Neanderthal woman was found ceremonially buried. I just found this picture there, which got me wondering: who was she then? And who is this now?

Good for what ails me.

Leaving Spain.

The Mama.

Steps of #Gibraltar

Up inside the Rock

The Argument.

Calamari on the wall, please tell me I will not fall.

The Dreamer.

The Big Guy.

I confess, I did the exact opposite.

Big shot.

The Connoisseur.

Deferred maintenance.

Los boquerones are dinner.

Up on the rock, walking down.

The Napper & The Lookout.

The Hitchhiker.

The Philosopher.

#Gibraltar by night.

Green light.

A jetlagged evening by the water.

Shower day.

Grey and rainy here in Coral Springs, but filters make it all look better.

Hello, Florida...

Mushrooms in the evening.

Mushrooms in the morning