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New Year’s #Cheese tasting: all cheddars!

Bigfoots sighting at sea! Steve @earleys11 navigates into the #newyear with a new book. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Memphis! @elize.mercer says everyone should resolve to have more Bigfoots in your lives next year! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Agra, India! What do you like to read when you’re traveling? #bigfootsinparadise @muscleunwind

Bigfoots sighting in Vancouver! So, what surprises did you find under YOUR tree? #bigfootsinparadise @jrpstonecarver

Bigfoots sighting at the North Pole! Clearly this guy needs something good to read! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! What’s Santa going to bring you to read this year? #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! Still time to get some Bigfoots under your tree! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in London! Hazel declares the book a towering success! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! Sean has caught Bigfoots fever. Maybe you can too? #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Los Angeles! Mark’s right: page 59 is pretty intense. @redhenpress #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! Patricia warns some stories can be hair-raising! @pmcgoestocville #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in SoCal! @tobi_ornot_tobi never tires of reading a good book! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Paris! @lythrols gets an eye-full! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Richmond, VA! @because_sanity got the good jokes. He thinks you will too. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Charlottesville, VA! Sam has that great feeling you get after finishing a good book. Be like Sam! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in San Jose! Parul knows all the endings now, but she’s not going to tell you. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in London! @muscleunwind proves that Warren Zevon got his song all wrong. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Milan! Edo Lualdi knows that great stories need no translation! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Hollywood! @stevenkaminsky and family dodging paparazzi in the pines... #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in PA! When @ronkoch2 gets festive, he grabs his favorite sweater, his favorite dog, and his favorite book! Be Ron. #bigfootsinparadise #roniscool

Bigfoots sighting in the #santacruzmountains ! @karenjean5 gets to read these stories right where they’re set. Where are you reading them? Post your own photos at #bigfootsinparadise !

Bigfoots sighting! In what ways is @yeti_commander like #Bigfoot? 1) He’s very thoughtful. 2) He doesn’t like IPAs. 3) He has great taste in #books ! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! @peggytobias is worried about a boy named Deke. She should be. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Philadelphia! #bigfootsinparadise #goeagles

Bigfoots sighting in Florida! Thanks, Nil! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Costa Rica! @sarahesouthall has great taste in beach reading!

Joe just read the good part. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Maryland! Thanks @jrb2yz for such great, thoughtful comments! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting on a plane from SFO to LA to see the LA car show. #bigfootsinparadise (Thanks, @thetravellingindianpassport !)

Bigfoots sighting in the Santa Cruz Mountains! #bigfootsinparadise

A Bigfoots sighting in Austin, TX! got a great gift for her birthday. (Also a book.) #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Phoenix! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Palo Alto! Thank you to writer Jennifer Pien! #bigfootsinparadise

What do you like with your Bigfoots? Writer @auroresibley in Capitola, CA, prefers Banana Cream Pie... #bigfootsinparadise

Double bigfoots sighting in North Carolina! #bigfootsinparadise

Thanks, @paultyler_kc, for sharing a Bigfoot sighting in Kansas City!

Tool bench envy

There’s a barn under there somewhere...

Chickahominy sunset

Up the Chickahominy



Campfire song by the river

Cypress at sundown

Virtual Bird.

Storm crane.

Monday lens flare


Wow, a full house & standing room only for the reading last night! Thanks @new_dominion_bookshop & @writerhouse for the support! Great reading with @chayab77 !