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Bigfoots sighting in Philadelphia! #bigfootsinparadise #goeagles

Bigfoots sighting in Florida! Thanks, Nil! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Costa Rica! @sarahesouthall has great taste in beach reading!

Joe just read the good part. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Maryland! Thanks @jrb2yz for such great, thoughtful comments! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting on a plane from SFO to LA to see the LA car show. #bigfootsinparadise (Thanks, @thetravellingindianpassport !)

Bigfoots sighting in the Santa Cruz Mountains! #bigfootsinparadise

A Bigfoots sighting in Austin, TX! got a great gift for her birthday. (Also a book.) #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Phoenix! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Palo Alto! Thank you to writer Jennifer Pien! #bigfootsinparadise

What do you like with your Bigfoots? Writer @auroresibley in Capitola, CA, prefers Banana Cream Pie... #bigfootsinparadise

Double bigfoots sighting in North Carolina! #bigfootsinparadise

Thanks, @paultyler_kc, for sharing a Bigfoot sighting in Kansas City!

Tool bench envy

There’s a barn under there somewhere...

Chickahominy sunset

Up the Chickahominy



Campfire song by the river

Cypress at sundown

Virtual Bird.

Storm crane.