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@kiwi.biird hopes your nest is warm today, and that you have a great book to go with it! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Chicago! Yeah, he’s driving the AT-AT. Good day to stay home a read a good book. #bigfootsinparadise

Escher’s stairs in Staunton

Blue or green? For debate, in Staunton.

The Watchmaker’s box

Moon rises up over the Climbing House

Sundown in Cville

Bigfoots sighting in the Blue Ridge! B hopes you have a great short week (with lots of time to read)! #bigfootsinparadise

Setting a course for Planet Pizza

‘Turn’ the ‘page,’ he says. He reads faster than I do.

#Scooters by night

Freight train in Fifeville

One good tree.

@kiwi.biird says you did a great job this week! Now you deserve a beer and a nap!

@kiwi.biird thinks you look awesome today.

Branches at night

Bigfoots sighting in Maui! @mauijill knows the best spots for reading! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Sydney, AU! I always knew B was an opera fan, and @watercolormama has the proof. #bigfootsinparadise


Bigfoots sighting in Wales! @carpenter9037 swears he doesn’t miss the pictures at all. #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Philadelphia! Librarians know ALL the secret things! #bigfootsinparadise #librarians

May your new year be hairy and bright! #bigfootsinparadise