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Now that would be a great present.

It was great fun judging this contest for the Los Angeles Review. Congrats to the winners!

Need a good Sunday read? #bigfootsinparadise

When your coworker makes office crepes, it’s rude not to sample a few plates of them, right?

And read a good book! #bigfootsinparadise


Don’t be embearassed. Bigfoots is still on sale! #bigfootsinparadise

Fog jog

Fifeville tree, in the fog

In the mail

Never underestimate the power of a good book! #bigfootsinparadise

Discovering this hidden hall in a old Staunton building was like finding the secret entrance to #johnmalkovich ‘s head...

Bigfoot sighting! B thinks you rocked it this week, and says you deserve a great weekend! Also, a book! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Cville! Books are back in stock at @new_dominion_bookshop, each one signed and foot-stamped. Last batch sold out fast, so don’t wait to get yours! #bigfootsinparadise