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We all need a good nap every now and then.

Floating City, on the move.

All it takes is one bigmouth to spoil the whole show.

Bigfoots sighting in Montezuma Valley! Is he looking to drive a Kia, or just to find a reading chair that will fit him? Thanks @paultyler_kc ! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting in Cardiff! Bruce likes a good read when he’s not finishing up his next collection of essays! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoot’s sighting in Edisto Beach, South Carolina. Jim’s picked the perfect reading spot! #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting at the bar! When you start to look, you’ll see him everywhere. #bigfootsinparadise

Buildings go up as the snow comes down. #cville

Drip. Drop.

Bigfoots sighting on the road just this morning. Where have you seen B last? #bigfootsinparadise

Bigfoots sighting! Don’t forget to bring your tunes with you when you’re on the run... #bigfootsinparadise