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The Chicken Whisperer

Thanks for visiting!  My posts here are infrequent, but here are some links that are probably more current: Doug on Instagram Doug on Facebook Bigfoots in Paradise Doug incognito

Sweet potato night tonight.

Chicken night, part 2

Chicken night.

Kiwi says “Wash up, People!”

Anyone need a feather? Kiwi is happy to share.

Exiled for the sake of the realm, Doug diligently practices the Art of the Omelet and hopes for an early release for all of his co-conspirators.

K was here.

Wow, just a week and a half until launch day! If you’re practicing your social distancing and need something to read, keep this in mind.

A good day by the river, even after Meep fell in the hole.

Heavy old laptop is ready to work.

Breakfast thief.

Kiwi thinks you’re awesome. And also, you look delicious.


Behind the #yellow.

Danger bird gets his own keyboard to wreck. @kiwi.biird

Fireball in the morning

Lingering in the January fog

Snowman in the shadows